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Head Hunting

Using our proven Ad Hoc Minds methodology and our trusted network of consultants, we guarantee a quick and accurate selection process for both junior and senior IT professionals.

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C Level Research

We recognise that placing someone new at the helm of technology and IT is a huge step for any company. Our team of research experts combine our Ad Hoc Minds methodology with an unrivalled knowledge in the world of CIO / CTO. It is this approach that allows us to offer our customers much needed support and guidance throughout this extremely fundamental decision-making process.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

At particularly busy times or to cover temporary absences, Ad Hoc Minds offers clients one of our own IT Recruitment Consultants, who will manage the whole recruitment process for you; from defining the requirements to finding the right candidate.

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HR structure enhancement and employee’s enablement

In a market where the mismatch between supply and demand of IT professionals is ever widening, Ad Hoc Minds aims to help its customers to enhance their HR department to respond effectively to the new challenges posed by the market. 

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IT Recruiting: the challenge

The ever-growing gap between the employment needs of companies in the Information Technology sector and the limited availability of professionals in this field poses an unprecedented challenge to Human Resource Departments.

Never before has it been so difficult, yet increasingly crucial, to find suitable people with the required technical skills and personality to be a truly great fit for your company.

At Ad Hoc Minds, we believe that being a qualified headhunting company is no longer enough to respond to these new challenges. That’s why we work alongside you, acting as a reliable partner able to understand your company culture, your specific IT needs and the marketplace you work in.

At Hoc Minds is the recruitment company that combines a deep specialization in the IT sector with a dedicated consultancy service to help its clients activate a selection process more effective than the competition.


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Mini Corso Funzioni e Oggetti JavaScript – Puntata 3 – Aspetti Avanzati

Mini Corso Funzioni e Oggetti JavaScript – Puntata 3 – Aspetti Avanzati

Dopo aver appreso le basi sulle funzioni e sugli oggetti, in questo talk vedremo come le funzioni, in JavaScript, siano esse stesse degli oggetti ed approfondiremo le conseguenze di ciò.Affronteremo quindi il funzionamento di “this” ed altri argomenti più avanzati, come il problema del “losing this”, le Named Function Expression e l’utilizzo di Prototype.

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Mini Corso Funzioni e Oggetti JavaScript – Puntata 2 – Tutto sugli oggetti

Mini Corso Funzioni e Oggetti JavaScript – Puntata 2 – Tutto sugli oggetti

In questo talk introdurremo gli oggetti in JavaScript: vedremo come si rappresentano attraverso la notazione chiave-valore e come lavorare con essi. Vedremo quindi come creare più oggetti “simili” attraverso l’operatore “new” ed approfondiremo la differenza rispetto alla programmazione con le classi tipica di altri linguaggi. Parleremo, infine, dell’assegnazione per riferimento, del garbage collector e della notazione JSON.

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I mille volti di un DevOps Engineer

I mille volti di un DevOps Engineer

Un viaggio tra le varie facce di un DevOps Engineer, dall’infrastruttura al monitoraggio, passando per CI/CD e automation approfondendo ciascuno di questi aspetti con esempi tratti da casi reali.

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